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Til k Ladoo/ Sesame balls

The west side of the globe is bit dull and cold after Christmas and New year celebration.  Life seems pretty boring and still. Simultaneously on the other side of the globe festivity starts happening. In India, the first month of the year that is the month of January starts with new and fresh festivity. On 13th and… Continue reading Til k Ladoo/ Sesame balls

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Karelaa Sabzi aka Bitter Gourd fry

When I was young, I hate eating “karela” aka Bitter gourd. When I was adolescent, then also I hate it. I even get scold from my mother to have it. As the name says Karela in Hindi I used to rhyme it as “SADELA” means rotten. Though it was not rotten but it taste “Bitter”… Continue reading Karelaa Sabzi aka Bitter Gourd fry

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Gajar Ka Halwa aka Carrot Pudding

Oh its winter time… And I miss my home a lot during this season. It doesn’t mean I don’t miss my home other time of the year. But this time of the year holds a special place in my heart. This month has so many things to feel good about. My parents got married in… Continue reading Gajar Ka Halwa aka Carrot Pudding

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Chocolate Chip Pistachio Biscotti!

Happiness is perfectly baked biscotti! The streets, stores, churches around the city are decorated so perfectly just like a new bride. We are approaching to the end of the year with a full festive mood. Christmas decorations, lights, carols, songs, prayers, masses, family and friends lunches, Christmas parties and what not. Ah, the city is so joyous. It… Continue reading Chocolate Chip Pistachio Biscotti!